The internet in general agrees 2016 was shit.

2017 already is amazing and it’s only the second week. Wow!

I picked up some 3d design skills, already had a wedding assignment and probably are getting back in the gameand my photo skills (or maybe opportunities) are finally going up.

Yesterday  I had an amazing opportunity to shoot some welders at Enterprise engineering. Here’s my 3 favourite shots.


Surfing in Peniche

This has been an eventful year.

In the middle of securing a new property, my partner moving to London and the whole madness of it I think we had the second best holidays ever (right after Thailand!).

We headed to Portugal. I always wanted to go there but somehow always ended up in Spain instead. This time it did work though and we went for a week’s long surf school in Peniche. Now, I tend to consider myself a reasonably healthy person (minus the oh, so occassional cigarettes) as I run, cycle and go for a swim when I can; the surf school verified this presumption for me – I was aching in muscles I did not know existed.

For once though I focused on actual holidays instead of taking photos (it is a relief actually) so not much of me unfortunately. Even learned to catch a wave or two!

Here’s some from Peniche and some more from Lisbon.

When in Rome, drink espresso

I took my partner for her 30th birthday for a lovely weekend in Rome. I kind of have mixed feelings about it, the city is nice but does lose to Barcelona in my opinion (kind of less art, more Jesus). we did have some good time and took some nice shots in Rome and Vatican.

Iceland, best of

Although not too fond with the country (I am mentally not prepared for spending this amount of money, like, ever), some of the sights were breathtaking!
We had a little trip for Christmas break. Among the top attractions are definitely  the ability to swim in 2-degree Celcius water, and go snow-mobiling (makes you feel like Bond, or a Bond villain according to preference).


Anyhow, here’s a few

Trickery – a night of boobs and magic

By chance I was invited on Friday to tag along to a show night in a local venue

Although it was my first visit, ‘the Trickery’, as that’s what it’s called, has quite a fanbase. We saw people queue up for good 30 minutes before the doors officially opened, most saying they have been coming on a regular basis. I can kind of see why. It’s an interesting mash-up of burlesque, stand-up comedy and magic tricks, so especially in the days of super-mainstream entertainment there’s little left for people who don’t root for local football club or don’t enjoy seeing yet another Chart singer on stage. Being a little skeptical, I have to admit it was worth it in the end. Oh, and there were boobs. A few snaps below:

Conquering tumblr!

Well all big stories start out small, I just managed to get my first small social network victory.

My photo from recent road trip via Scottish highlands has been liked/shared over 60 times now. As silly as it is, it tickles my ego a little. Or maybe just a happy coincidence, whichever happens, thanks for watching.

Here’s a link to the post



Thanks for watching.