Dalduff Farm – second shooter

I had a chance to assist Radek for our second gig this time as second shooter.

Despite the unexpected trouble and everything going wrong at one point or another I had one of the best sessions so far and both the newlyweds and the venue were amazing. It’s one of the cases to build an entire portfolio on.

Anyway, here’s a few.


Scotland – road trip

I had a best birthday gift ever when my friends came over for a visit and we went round Scotland to stop at a few spectacular locations. I’m far off from being a fan of living in such remote locations but detaching myself out of the city for a week was certainly a good adventure. Thanks for coming!

Some highlights

Office shots

I was putting together some references for my client for interior photographs and used these, taken last year for buildings to be leased. I’m not the person to moan about the kit too often (well, lies, I am kind of) but how much I wish I had some nice tilt-shift to take these! Nonetheless, I think pretty good for what they meant to be.

most random eureka moment ever

Well, I might as well be the last person to discover this and, in fact, it makes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING even remotely easier, but…

I just realised that every squared number is exactly bigger by 1 than multiplication of the same number lower by one by a number bigger by one.
And then… I realised it’s perfectly explainable.
And then… oh well I should probably stick to drawing.

x^2 + x – x – 1 =
x^2 – 1 = y-1