Bankgok at Night


Boy what a start of the year!

Pardon my absence in the last few weeks but I am still in the process of unpacking and switching back to normal work life. I know that the holidays are over but I am still struggling to wake up before 1pm on weekends. Where’s the fun in that?

Anyway as you may or may not know, I had my second trip outside of Europe (and first to Asia!) this Christmas break as I spent 3 long weeks with my significant other in Thailand. I am really glad that we both agreed that this is by all means a better way of spending Christmas than stuffing our faces with roasted vegetables and lining up for sales on boxing day. It was well worth it, if not for the photographs then again for the perspective. Going back again I thought it’s sad how a lot of people will never experience it despite the fact they could afford because they find it difficult to lower their living standards below the Western-European comfort zone. Blah.

Thailand was a quite an adventure with plenty good memories I brought back, made me go back to filming and somewhat made the idea of moving to Singapore a little bit more realistic (the ‘yeah, people live there too!’ kind of realistic for now, but getting there.).

I  will try to make up for the time off  especially that I have some ideas, for now some shots from Bangkok (I will split it into a few posts as I really have quite a few good ones).



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