Ayutthaya: the city of temples

When the little fart realised he won’t be throwing fireballs around and kicking the crap out of the evil bastards, he decided to settle in for the temples. At least let me see the temples!

Well, as silly as it sounds but that was my little childhood dream come true: after having watched Mortal Kombat when I was 9 or so, I always wanted to see these temples that looked as if they were carved from rock.  Ayutthaya is where the opening sequence of the movie was filmed.

The whole Ayutthaya is mesmerizing with the temples scattered across the town. Unlike visiting the European historical sites, there is not many restrictions, you can go wherever you like and you don’t trip over tourist taking selfies everywhere. The whole place feels magical especially that compared to the sites in Bangkok, it is almost deserted. It used to be the capital of Thailand and the solid yet fragile temples are what is left of it’s former glory. What adds up to the fun factor is sightseeing on bicycles: as Ayutthaya is a small town, you can get within all tourist attraction within a few minutes cycle, and it has all the street food one can think of.

Located less than 2 hours away from BK it’s definitely worth a day trip, so really worth adding it to your itinerary, and I still have to plan to visit Siem Reap, where much more Mortal Kombat was filmed!


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