Yeah, still got it (I think). Click on the image and it will take you to deviantart where you can see a slightly higher resolution.

For your viewing pleasure, a three-handed badass! It’s an old character I came up with for a ‘pencil and paper’ I scripted.

That was fun to draw, took me a while to get back to doodling around(I guess freezing my fingers off by the desk might have been among the factors). I went through my older works to see what inspired me to do them and came across that one . It was about a year ago when I drew this, pretty much when I fell all-in into digital drawing and concept art. Around that time I came across Feng Zhu’s design cinema classes and encountered concept art for Guild Wars 2 crafted by mighty Kekai Kotaki. Despite the fact I never had a chance (or will to, for that matter) to play GW, I fell in love with the visuals and how the concept art stood out because it was abstract, splattery and chaotic as opposed to a photo-realistic approach which prevails for this category.

So yes, one year later, not much further, or maybe?

Anyway that’s me back  to my trusty tablet! Hope you like it, there should be more coming up soon.


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