We are not swans, we are sharks.


…Yet you had it coming.

We are not swans, we are sharks

We are not swans, we are sharks

I never considered myself as someone with a mission to convert people and force things upon them, but if I were to recommend one film to watch, that would be it. I don’t write reviews either but that’s not strictly a review. It’s a round up of life lessons, I’d say probably as much as one can learn during the time of a cinema screening.

Up in the air is about Ryang Bingham, a man whose job is to tell others they no longer have a job. His company sends him all over the globe to provide the unusual service. He’s good at it, he likes it and he’s happy.

There are different ways to interpret Up in the Air, to me it is a story about a person who knowingly and willfully rejects; being a slightly more opportunistic version of your everyday coach or motivational speaker, Clooney’s character refuses to function within the society as we know it. 40+ successful first class traveler, self confident and who could address a crowd and expect an answer, but no family, no mortgages, no permanent location. The fact that his job is to tell people they are no longer needed has a slight touch of sarcasm (I have no idea how much real the concept of such job is, but I would not be surprised if something similar exists).

Bingham rejoices his life in motion, and life of solitude. A perfect example of your ‘single serving friend’  (Fight Club?)

He decides to change his ways, and gets burnt.

When under too much influence from his joyful fellow traveler, he decides to abandon his fortress and connect, well. It is a little pessimistic. But it’s as real as it gets. As seen on TV

I think Up in the Air is meant to give hope to people who assume unusual paths in their life, and to empower them. We all fought our parents, got piercings, dyed our hair, dressed dark or done some other funny shit to showcase our rebellion. But 9 out of 10 times the notion of detachment and non-conformism dies out rather quickly – finish high school, get educated, find someone, get engaged, marry, get mortgage, get promoted, get kids, get to dance on your platinum anniversary. And so.

This is the case number 10.  Clooney’s  character was let down not when he walked his path, it was when he decided to revert to the standard. An unexpected turn on that road, that’s what brought the despair. 

Moral of the story? If you consider yourself happy with nothing binding you to places,  in the constant move, not bound by your backpack, by family and relatives, then stay happy. It’s selfish, yes, but so is charity (at least according to some thinkers).

That’s an uncommon decision, but there is nothing wrong with that.

It gives me hope that one day I will be able to live without the constant reassurance of the crowd. That whatever we do is right.



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