Ngorongoro Crater

From a recent trip to Tanzania, Africa.

Ngorongoro is a crater abundant with all wildlife you can possibly think of. There is not much of a point in going to the zoo ever again after you come back.

Puting aside all the cliche statements of why it is important to travel – you learn. You learn a lot. The purpose of our trip with vine trust was to give, but ultimately I am pretty sure we received much more than we gave in the first place. Trips of this kind result in general appreciation. You no longer feel it’s right to moan about your wi-fi speed or the shape of your electric toothbrush. It’s important to have a perspective and a point of reference in one’s own possessions.

This was done using 17-40mm canon lens on 60d. I just shot away as much as I could then merged it into a panorama in Photoshop. The result is not perfect but for a semi-automated process it’s pretty good. I can’t wait to go back on the road, this time heading for Thailand. 3 weeks to go, I have a hunch this will be a trip of a lifetime.

Ngorongoro Panorama

Ngorongoro Panorama


I have not seen much of the world anyway but this quite a beauty.


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